Mobile Guerrilla Knits®

Urban Art is one of my passions.
Once I was a guerilla-knitter,  installing knitted pieces and pompoms in public spaces around the world and it was just fascinating to learn how people in different places reacted to my work.


Since 2011 I have been making Mobile Guerrilla Knits®, an ongoing art project in which I connect with people through internet. 
By transferring digital information into tangible products I link the digital world with the real world and by

sharing my work I create interaction between the virtual and the real world.

The Mobile Guerrilla Knits® are cool-in-wool portraits.
Each portrait is unique, as they are all based on peoples Facebook profile pictures that I select, simply because they inspire me. Often of people unknown to me. Each profile picture I select becomes a sort of muse.

__ Each muse gets this message ‘ I am going to turn your Facebook profile picture into a Mobile Guerrilla Knit ‘. Often this is the beginning of wonderful stories and sharing good stuff. __

I spend lots of time looking at the images when I transform them into a cool-in-wool portrait. It is, as if I get to know the person behind the image a little bit better in the creative process.

 Unlike the urban-art guerilla-knitting, my unique Mobile Guerrilla Knits® are mend to be used inside.

One day my so called muses will receive his or her knitted portrait -preferably hand delivered by me-,  so they can  tag their unique Mobile Guerrilla Knit® anywhere in the house, at work .. as a tangible reminder of our digital and/or real-time encounter.

You can join us on Facebook to see the selected profile pictures, background information and people’s reactions. Via this link you can see all the images on this website of the portraits I made up till now.


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