My Muse #15 – Hildegard Skowasch

This is a Mobile Guerrilla Knits® portrait in wool by Anne-Marie Ros. Inspired by Berlin based Hildegard Skowasch’s Facebook profile picture. She is my so called Muse #15. You can read more about the portrait and Hildegard, by just following this Profile Picture link as it will bring you to the Mobile Guerrilla Knits® Facebook page.

Muse #15 by Anne-Marie Ros

See the video I have made of my complete Mobile Guerrilla Knits ® series.

The complete Mobile Guerrilla Knits ® series is part of the curated groupshow MELANGE in Berlin on May 31 and June 1, 2014.

From June 7-9 June, 2013 it was part of the groupshow Kick-It during Route du Nord  in Rotterdam.

© Anne-Marie Ros.

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